Who is HoNey ChiLD?

Heather Higgs (Momma Higgs)

Originally from Pittsburgh PA, Heather grew up in the arts. From attending the prestigious Creative and Performing Arts School of Pittsburgh, to singing in bands before she had a driver's license, singing and performing are in her bones. The raven-haired front woman of the band has a voice and a stage presence that simply slays the crowd she performs in front of. If that wasnít enough, she can play the bottom out of any number of hand percussion instruments. Simply put HoNey ChiLD begins and ends with Heather.


Jason Montero (Mojo)

from somewhere in the swamps of Jersey, Jason was born with a groove in his soul. The vocal counterpart to Heather, the man with the right hand of God on guitar, and the satirical wit of a generation, just listen to "What Weíve Been Through", his voice and his style always leave you wanting more. Jason brings one of the rarest of all qualities to HoNey ChiLD, the ability to make every else involved sound even better.


Dino Gisiano (Dr. Science)

Born in Poughkeepsie, New York home ofÖ well nothing really. Dino was once a chemical engineer, and has the degree to prove it, now he creates a sonic stew on his guitar that is both familiar and entirely his own. The true Renaissance man, he can craft a song, fix an old Fender amp, and teach you the history of science itself, and thatís all before lunch.


Joe Frost (Frosty)

What can really be said about a man who has been playing his instrument for more than 40 years.  Joe was born in Chicago many moons ago and learned his craft playing the beat of the city. When he isnít playing or teaching his unique brand of Afro-Cuban drumming he creates visual art, but thatís a whole other story.  Joe, like Heather, has that ability to just suck you in when you watch and hear him perform, and he does it all sitting down.


Greg Lisi (young blood)

Greg came to us from that vacationland Mecca, da Jersey Shore. Heís a drummers drummer, and living proof you can find talent and genius in the Musician's Wanted ads. When you hear him play with, and off of Joe, you realize that there are some thing that canít be taught; and Gregís got them.


Steve Green (Saint Evergreen)

A veteran of the Arizona music scene, Steve adds a whole new dimension to the band. From his angelic harmonies, to his bass style that flirts with funk, jazz, rock, and everything in between, Steveís got some stuff. He completes the circle in many ways, and with him on board I dare you find a tighter backline...go ahead,  I dare ya.