Half a mile from closing time

Two or three things on my mind

Staring into endless sky

Killing time cause it deserves to die  

We pull our weight, plus a thousand pounds

I met a wiccan waitress on sacred ground

The deal was lost, but the truth was found

When the sticks hit the street and we turned around

The parts become a single sound when we

Set it up , Shake it down  

We been up and down this road all day

Forgot what I was gonna say

We been back and forth down this street all night

With moonshine as the only light

I had a word with Bit-o-Jane, she said to stay out of the rain

I talked it out with Shoeless Joe, he said it rains wherever you go 


15 miles from the borderline

Talking with some friends of mine

About those things you canít define

Like Jesus Saves on a neon sign