I could say I love you and you would understand

When I see you reach out to hold it in your hands

And you hear me when I知 far from home

And you know me when I知 feeling all alone

Pull me close set me free again


Staring at the night sky, the stars reflecting back

Can稚 outshine the loneliness I知 feeling once again

And I see you shining in the night

And you see me only when you close your eyes

Pull me close set me free again



I知 as close as the earth and the rain

If I知 as far as the horizon away

I know I am one who is loved

Within the silence of the breath that you take


The shadow from the morning light has followed me around

It has been comforting if only for a while

And I feel you like the sun upon my skin

And I need you to be back with me again

Pull me close set me free again


Time has been no friend of ours to keep us far away

Granting only memories separating night and day

And I feel you with your hands upon my face

And I am with you and our bodies fill the space

Pull me close set me free again