Flagstaff Live! (May 1998)
Instant waves of adulation
“Since its inception in 1996, Honey Child has acquired the respect of fans all over Arizona. The six members (Heather Higgs, Dino Gisiano, Paul Rugolo, Jason Montero, Greg Lisi, and Joe Frost) comprise of drums, congas, bass, two guitars, two voices, and percussion instruments has been prickling ears with their multi-influenced, innovative style. Selected from five competing bands in Phoenix for the H.O.R.D.E. Festival, Honey Child’s “Latin, funk, groove- rock, shake-your-ass” sound made the most vibrant impression.”

“Honey Child’s “groove-rock” sound is a lacquered, home-grown, grass-roots blend of styles that demand the audience’s collective attention. This is due to the member’s realization that a show involves the band and the audience. Honey Child’s self-titled CD is reminiscent of Santana at times, and the band’s driving rhythms-whether Latin-based or subtle funk- mix with Higgs’ strikingly lucidity to satisfy even the most primordial urge. When the music stops, the urge to hear those rhythms returns.”

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