Jam Bands, North America’s Hottest Live Groups   (Dean Budnick, ECW Press, 1998)
“Honey Child appeals to a diverse array of listeners with the varied elements of its sound. Some are drawn to the rippling polyrhythms that undergird most of the group’s compositions. Others find the layered guitars of Gisiano and Montero uplifting. Additional supporters are captivated by   Higgs: as Gisiano observes, “Heather has a great ability to make an audience believe they’re right up there on stage. They really feel involved, and that’s all due to her energy.” Honey Child’s groove-laden live shows have been likened to those of Santana, Black Crowes, and Joan Osborne. The band welcomes these comparisons, although its members emphasize that their music is still evolving. Notes Gisiano: “We feel like a family, and, musicianship aside, we’re all growing.” Higgs adds, “We’re still learning how to express ourselves.”

Honey Child (1997). The band’s live energy is captured in this release, which eschews overdubs. “Why Should I” showcases Higgs’ powerful vocals- they glide over the trails crafted by the band’s doubled guitar and percussion. Montero contributes vocals to “Breath and Time,” and the resulting interplay with Higgs suggests John Doe and Exene Cervenka of X. Other standout tunes include the mellow “Red Moon” and the upbeat, acoustic "What We’ve Been Through.”

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