She gets up long before dawn

Slips out the window and she is gone

Out into the morning rain

Just like yesterday


He sees her face in everything

Hears her voice in the pouring rain

Dreaming of a life that is so

Very far away



They are running away from the life that they live today

Down deep, wanting so more from this life than their broken dreams

Oh, can you let it go 


He waits for the train standing all alone

Under the light on the platform

She takes his hand and they

Made it one more day


They see a mother with a child by her side

Her husband quietly sits in his suit and tie

From the window the clouds drift away like

Words they never say

Thereís a man asleep in a uniform

His jacket covers him up and it keeps him warm

How many years has he spent on the train

Sleeping his life away


A woman spills her purse out on the floor

And wonders if life could have given more

Holds her head to cover her face, she canít

Take it another day