If this voice was a canvas Iíd paint you a picture

Leave 10,000 words unsaid

If I could touch your hand and show you my visions

You could dance with the demons in my head


Or you could take your words like turpentine, pour them down all over mine

underneath those lines I am concealed

You should know by now that I mean what I say

if itís little I say I am revealed


It comes as no surprise Iím out of my tree

Building cages when I long to be free

My hands are open, take what you need

Giving is easy, salvation is hard


With a tongue like a razor Iíll cut out your weaknesses

Iím gonna show you how deeply they have grown

Iíd take that speck of sawdust from your eye

If I could remove the plank thatís in my own


The past is graffiti painted on the wall

Nothing keeps a secret like a stone

Tomorrow is a fiction yet to be told

A shadow on the ground when youíre alone