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Best Straight-Ahead Rock Band

The Arizona Republic
Honey, this gal can sing. Heather Higgs leads Honey Child.

Honey Child

Under appreciated in its hard-rock hometown, Honey Child is one of the most accomplished and infectious live acts in the Valley.

Often labeled a jam band, the group's layered, polyrhythmic sound does indeed recall the jazzy grooves of Widespread Panic, but Honey Child never lets loose with 20-minute seizures of self- indulgent noodling. Powered by dance-inspiring percussion and a harmonious two-guitar attack, the music is at once complex and down home.

Singer Heather Higgs' powerful pipes are matched by her compelling stage presence. With an offhand, uncontrived charisma, she's the perfect focal point for the group's abundant musical energy. Honey Child's sounds are sweet indeed.

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