Honey Child is

Heather Higgs Vocals and Percussion
Dino Gisiano Guitar
Jason Montero Guitar and Vocals
Greg Lisi Drums
Joe W Frost Congas and Percussion
Steve Green Bass and Vocals

“…Watching them play, I had the same kinetic experience I had once years ago when I first saw Jefferson Airplane perform!”  Jim Capaldi, founder of the legendary rock band Traffic, had that to say after seeing them play one night in LA.

7 years, 1,000 shows, and 2000 miles ago, a band was born.  In a desert environment where very little grows, HoNey CHiLD blossomed to be one of the best and most respected bands the Valley of the Sun had ever seen.  Like most things out west, their origins lie in the East.  On a fateful after hours night, Jason Montero (a transplanted New Jersey boy), Dino Gisiano (a New Yorker who grew up in the garment district) and Heather Higgs (a Pittsburgh songbird with a voice as tough as the steel town she comes from) found themselves gathered in front of some mutual friends and couple of guitars.  Sharing songs they all knew, it became obvious that for whatever reasons they had individually moved there, they were meant to make music together.  And HoNey CHiLD was born…

Since that late night, the band has gone on to play some far better gigs.  In 1998, HoNey CHiLD was chosen as the best-unsigned band in Arizona. They appeared on the 1998 H.O.R.D.E. Tour and began touring outside of their home state.  It wasn’t long before the hot, dry winds of Arizona carried their name and sound throughout the West.  In 1999, The Santa Barbara Independent put it like this,

“Honey Child evades the aimless shambling wank that traditionally dooms most bands and overcomes much of the over-easy Caucasianhood that weakens their own by employing spot-on polyrhythm, fuzzy rock guitar, prominent pop hooks, and most of all, the voluminous vocals of Heather Higgs.”

In late 2000, after successful tours of the Midwest and the East Coast, the band returned to the studio.  The next 18 months were spent crafting their most ambitious record to date, and making plans to move back to the land that gave birth to the music they make.  The East Coast.  In 2002, Get Out Magazine wrote

“You could toss a stone these days and hit an independent band, but you’d throw your arm out before you would hit one like Honey Child. The multi-ethnic group stirs up a sonic stew over which Heather Higgs struts her vocal stuff.”

  With Charlotte as their base the band is carrying their sound to a whole new set of ears.  From Asheville thru Atlanta music fans have already responded enthusiastically to HoNey CHiLD’s unique sound. With an aggressive schedule ahead it won’t be long before they become a formidable musical force south of the Mason Dixon Line.