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The following sites have information and resources for independent musicians
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Artists operating beneath the mainstream radar.  There are still people making righteous music. Here's proof!

Martin Sexton Dan Bern Ted Hawkins Chuck Prophet
David  Grossman Chuck Brodsky Andy Simon
Tenacious D K-Floor Radio Theory
Steve Larson Passenger

Gavan Weezer

Friends, Romans, Countrymen
Open "D" Our very own guitarist's site.  His views and opinions can be found here and in his column in 60 Cycle Hum, Fender Guitar's on-line newsletter.
The Order of Thought ..that there gathered together an intrepid band of intellects devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and booze. Brought to you by the honorable Mr. Steve Hutton (cousin Steve) catch up with these revelers if you're in the Chicago area.
CD discounters This site has some smokin' prices on a large number of cds.  Blue Stu must be jacking trucks behind the Tower records...nice one baby.
Jeff and Ro The official web site of the Patton family;  Jeff, Ro, and Angela.  If you dig on music, old cars, computers, or need a sweet web site designed give these folks a visit.
Mad Coyote Joe "Mad Coyote" Joe is a chef, musician, philosopher and author based out of Cavecreek, AZ.
Umbro Joseph Umbro is an amazing photographer based in Los Angeles, California. He's the house photographer at The Roxy in LA and his page has many excellent Music photographs as well as beautiful models. 
Alternative Media
Refuse and Resist Refuse and Resist is a great source of information on many areas of activism; Women's Biological Rights, Police Brutality, the Mumia Abu Jamal trial...
Mother Jones Magazine Mother Jones Magazine is a great source of news you're not likely to see in main stream papers or on the Tell-Lie-Vision.  Mrs. Mojo Risin'.
The Progressive The Progressive may be proof that the left hand does in fact know what the right hand is doing.
The Onion The Onion; It'll bring a tear to your eye.
World Net Daily A few choice selections from cousin Steve. He suggested I add these or rename this section "Extreme Radical Irrational Left Wing Alternative Media links"!!!...yeah he's circumlocutious, but a hell of a guy.
Front Page Magazine
Other Links
YCWFA You Can Work From Anywhere is a staggering collection of tools and resources for mobile workers, telecommuters, and any one who works remotely (like touring musicians!).
Bohemian Ink Bohemian Ink is a web-site dedicated to Bohemian and Beat literature.   Right on Jack.
The Random Quotes Page Groucho Marks, Oscar Wilde, Albert Einstein, Mae West, WC Fields.  Steal from the greats!
The Art Bell Show Many an insomniac has found some solace in the late-night live radio broadcasts of Mr. Art Bell.  Maybe one of the last truly open minds.  This page has more links than most people have masterbatory fantasies.
The Dead Musician Directory Exactly what it says it is.  A site about dead musicians and how they got that way. Great fun.
Charles Bukowski An excellent site dedicated to one of Americas greatest storytellers and smack talkers.  King of poets.
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